Safeguard Your Space From Invisible Invaders

Install a Guardian Filter in your Salt Lake City, UT home or business

Do you know what’s in your air? It may seem clean and clear enough, but there could be mold spores, bacteria and other toxins floating around you and making you sick. Take a proactive approach to preventing illnesses caused by airborne substances by hiring Jones Heating & Air Conditioning to install a Guardian Filter in your Salt Lake City, UT ventilation system.

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Protect your property from pollutants and disease

Put an end to allergy symptoms and disease before they enter your interior space with a Guardian Filter. This system blocks airborne toxins and purifies your air with Advanced Oxidation Plasma. This filter can quickly kill off:

SARS | Candida | Bird Flu | Norwalk | Listeria | MRSA | E. coli | Bacillus sp. | Strep| Mold | Odors | Smoke | VOCs | Dust mites | Mold spores | Pollen | Pet dander

You can count on Jones Heating & Air Conditioning help you clear the air with a Guardian Filter.