Air Scrubber Plus

Air Scrubber Plus

with certified space technology

The Air Scrubber kills germs on surfaces like doorknobs, toilets, kitchen counters and in pet areas, 24 hours a day. It can also tackle odors caused by smoke, pets, and food! The EPA ranks indoor air pollution among the top five environmental health risks and states "The best way to address this risk is to control or eliminate the sources of pollution...". Working to reduce or eliminate pollutions at its source is the foundation of activTek's air purification line. We provide environmental conditioning products that actively work out in the environment, taking the solutions to the source, where it's needed most. activTek products utilize three innovation, active technologies to clean and disinfect the air of homes and offices: ActivePure Technology, ozone, and ionization.

Improves Odors from:

-Construction projects
-New carpet

Scientifically Tested

Air Scrubber's Active Pure Technology is scientifically tested in highly respected labs at Kansas State University and the University of Cincinnati. It's proven to reduce approximately 90% of airborne micro-organisms!

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Did you know?

80% of germs, bacteria, and viruses are transmitted by the sufaces we touch!